Thursday, April 23, 2009

Land of the Beautiful

A while ago it was brought to my attention that I was born and raised in the Land of the Beautiful. I was talking to some guy friends of mine who have either been residents in, or visitors of the home of the Aggies, and all of them said "If you want to see beautiful girls, go to Logan, it's swarming with them." Call it Aggie pride...Call it home town smugness...but...I can't help but agree. ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finding My Mojo

The other day, while I was in Logan, visiting my family, I was chatting with my dad, and I told him that I had "lost my mojo". I wasn't sure when...I wasn't sure how...but somewhere along the way...I had lost it. My dad responded "Oh, no. Kandace, you need to get that back! And fast!" In all reality, the word "mojo" refers to a magical charm bag used in hoodoo, but... for all intents and purposes in my life, the "mojo" I'm referring to is: The air of self-confidence which is emitted off of ones persona with such potency that it precedes greatness.

In noticing that I had lost my Mojo...I also came to the realization that I had actually once POSSESSED a mojo! And a good one at that! Ha!!! Who knew?!?! Not me. ...That is...until it was gone. But it made me start to think about how I got one in the first place so that I could get it back!

In retrospect I realized that at the onset of Mojo, I was focusing on being healthy, and growing spiritually. I branched out socially. I was increasing my education. I was doing things that made me happy. And by doing that I increased my own self-esteem. Which was the foundation of my Mojo. Once I attained my Mojo, I started to seriously enjoy life! I got a promotion, I received a raise, I even got a boyfriend! Everything was going my way. Yes, eventually the boyfriend was out of the picture, and the promotion and raise ended up becoming part of the monotony...but the mojo continued and I kept dating, and I kept progressing, I went through the temple, received my endowments. Things were good!

Eventually I became lax, to say the least, in my progression efforts. I was apathetic toward my physical growth. I wasn't delving into my spiritual progression with as much gusto as I had once been, and pretty soon...the self-respect started to dwindle...and I started to be disappointed in myself for allowing myself to slip back to my own personal turn my self-esteem took a major hit because of this...and that's when the Mojo went kaput.

I've never really understood the power, or effectiveness of my own mojo. I didn't realize the influence it had on the outcomes of my daily circumstances. And I most certainly do not give the maintenance of said mojo the attention it deserves. But when I have my, AMAZING things have come about.

A good Mojo has the ability to give us the courage to step out our comfort zones, to branch out and to grow. It can help us to be outgoing to the point of changing worlds! It helps us to not only recognize and be proud of our very best selves, but also helps us to hold our head up high and remember who we are and why we're here. AND not only is it powerful...but it's also attractive and contagious. Think about it. Think about those people in your life who you just LOVE to be around...because they are comfortable and encouraging. People are drawn to a good mojo.

I'm on a quest to get my Mojo back. It may take me some time...but I'll find it again! And when I do...Watch Out World!

****This blog is dedicated to my beautiful Ugly Duckling. Just for you...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Battle of the Bulge!

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say...we've all been there. We wake up in the morning, strip down to our birthday suits in preparation to get in the shower, but before we get in, what do we do? We step on the scale. And why do we do it then? Let's be honest, we do it then because #1. It's morning, and you haven't eaten anything yet, so you don't have any food still waiting to be digested. Everyone knows you weigh the least in the morning. and #2. You're need to be adding unnecessary weight with clothes! Every ounce counts, right? Right! So we hop on...hoping, with everything inside of us, that we'll see that magic number...and let's face it...any number less than the one we saw last time is pretty magical.

On the RARE occasion that I actually DO see one of those magical little heart leaps for joy and I become all sorts of giddy. I look up at the ceiling, a huge smiling breaking out on my face and I think "YES! Yes! Look at me go! I'm on my way! If I keep at it I'll be strutting my stuff in a bikini in NO time! Yes! Yes! YES!!!" ::insert air fist pump here:: You do a little dance, sing in the shower, grab a banana on your way out the door, and promise that bikini hiding in the far recces of your top drawer that you will be seeing it later!

2 weeks go see the progression. You are now down 3 lbs from where you started. The victory dance is becoming perfected by now. You and that bikini are becoming fast friends and you couldn't be more thrilled!

Week get on the scale...and you see that first magic little number you saw three weeks ago. "WHAT the #*$& is that number doing back on my scale?!?!?!?!" The once magical number, who treated you SO well, not so long now the BANE of your existence! How you HATE that 3 digit number!!! How DARE it show it's ugly face again!!!! And the Bikini?!?! Are ya kiddin' me?!?! There it sits TAUNTING you from the next room over! "You'll never get to wear me. You'll never get to wear me." OOoooooo CURSE THAT STUPID BIKINI!!!! Your previous fist pump is now pumping to a different tune.

The funny thing is...that 3 digit number...the one that had the power to make your day that first week...has the power to send you into one of the deepest emotional funks one could imagine. Even when there is a logical explanation to the gain, i.e. Aunt Flow is visiting and she doesn't know the meaning of the word mercy. She does not carry any sympathy for you and your emotional state. And she DEFINITELY does not support you in your weight loss efforts. ...the mean old bag! Even with that unavoidable, biological barrier that happens to everyone as the reasoning behind it...the funk still comes. Because now you are back to where you started. No headway has been made. ...The battle of the bulge is winning! When/How will the vicious cycle ever end?!?!