Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Month to Go!

So life is getting pretty crazy! I always hear the rumors of how busy people get once they get engaged...but I've come to realize that you never really fully understand until you're there yourself. And's like...cats and dogs living together...mass hysteria.
Back in September I put an offer down on a house, that I was going to buy. It was panning out pretty well...and then...last all fell through. fell through AFTER I gave my 30 day notice at my other apartment and so I've been homeless for the past couple of weeks.

Being homeless is quite the adventure. My car has been transformed into my closet and everything else I own is currently filling up my future in-laws garage to full capacity. I've been staying here and there trying to not bother anyone too bad. But it's getting pretty old living out of a box/bag/car/garage. ALTHOUGH...I have to say...this is the second time around that I've done this...not for this long...but I've been in this position before. Last time I was freakin' out...this time...I'm fine. I feel like it's all going to pan out the way it's supposed to and I'll be fine. I'm homeless...big deal. Homeless happens. I've got great things ahead of me.
One of the greatest of all...I get to marry one of THE most amazing people on this planet! Woot Woot! Chad is my rock. He's amazing! And just when I think he's topped out...he turns around and does something even MORE amazing. I love it! The day before I moved out, it was a friday, and Chad only works 4 days a week, so he has fridays off. Well he got a key to my old apartment without telling me and while I was at work he went in and packed up my entire kitched, cleaned out all the cupboards, cleaned the stove, cleaned the oven, cleaned all of my bathrooms, AND did my laundry! Now ladies...I ask many girls can say they've found a catch like that! SERIOUSLY! It's like I've struck Gold, and trust me...I'm well aware of my fortune. WOW I love him!
We went and got our engagement pictures the other day. Wanted to share some of them with you. Enjoy!


  1. so precious! do you know where you're going to live when you get married? Love the pictures and you're have got quite a catch! I don't think Scott has ever cleaned an oven, or a cupboard for that matter :)

  2. You look beautiful! Hope you are not homeless long!

  3. He did your LAUNDRY! Hold onto him and never let him go! Nothing makes me feel more loved then when my hubby does stuff like that. Can't wait to see how smokin hot you are in your wedding dress! Love you Kandace!!!