Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year...New Leaf

So...I was reading a friend of mines blog, a very TALENTED friend of mine, and she wrote this piece which...really made me think. I LOVED it...and I just HAD to share it. SO...Lindsey Maughan, I hope you don't mind...but you so eloquently brought to light something that has been on my mind for weeks. "You are X here."


  1. Hey Wow! I was excited to see you had posted something new and then felt uber flattered that it was about me!
    This reminds me...I have an email to write you don't I!
    Have no fear. As soon as I scrap the half baked wheat bread out of three pans, and clean the kitchen counters of pasty wheat gunk I will hop to it.

  2. Love how Linds writes, she really is super talented! And her humor makes me giggle!