Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Back Up Date

Good Garbage can boys be SLOW sometimes!!!

He asks me to be his Valentine, he gets tickets to go see Madame Butterfly, and than he asks if my roomates want to hang out afterward. ...Uh...Seriously?!? I mean...please, someone, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that if a guy was actually taking the initiative to ask YOU out, and take YOU to a freakin' ballet, he would want to spend the rest of the evening with YOU...not you and all your roomates.

Regardless of the fact that I'm not very interested in "he" anyway...I just find it ridiculous that he would take me out at all if he has no interest in being with me. ASK SOMEONE ELSE! I didn't ask for the "pitty" date especially from "he", I don't need a pitty date, and I most certainly do NOT need the slight of being ditched for the roomies afterward.

He continues to ask because I'm someone he doesn't have to "try" with. I'm the "effortless" date. It's just Kandace. She's charming, she's fun, she's not ugly, and she doesn't come with any of the hassel of having to treat her like a real date. Well, that's garbage buddy! Find a different back up date because this one quits!

...okay...the venting is over. That was very refreshing. I'm good now. ;)


  1. ohhh man he can be kind of dumb!!! I can't believe he asked to hang out with your roomates!!

  2. Hey Kandace! I am so glad you got a blog and that you ran into Becca. I have been thinking about you for a long time and wondering how you were. I am sorry about the dumb dork that asked you out and asked to hang out with your roomies. Good guys are like rare precious gems...they're hard to find, but once you find one they sparkle so bright! You'll find your gem soon...ditch this "let me hang with your roomies and date you too" guy!

  3. Kandy, I love you! I MISS you!