Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Genuinely Good!

So this morning I was reminded of the inherent goodness of people! And how blessed I am to have so many of those kinds of people surrounding me. SO this is my tribute to the Genuinely Good!

My Parents
My best friends in the whole world, whose genuine goodness has taught me about love and true happiness. My Dad has this uncanny ability to find the good in everyone and everything and that good out weighs anything negative. My Mom taught me the Art of Giving and I'll love her forever for that! LOVE them both!!! This was at my 26th Las Vegas Themed Birthday Party!

My Brothers & Sisters

Steph and Mandy are absolutely AMAZING! Growing into strong and genuinely good women! This was our Family Reunion in Nauvoo!

Elder Pack! Spreading the Word in Philly, PA. The guy can make anyone smile because of his genuine goodness!

Josh is more of the strong silent type...and his genuine goodness is usually pretty silent as well...but is as strong as it comes! This was right before the Yellow Card Concert!

Micah & Britt would give you the clothes off of their backs if it would help you. Their genuine goodness runs that deep. And their two boys, my adorable baby nephews, make my heart happy!

My Roommates

Tara puts everyone she loves first. ALWAYS. Sarah scatters sunshine everywhere she goes. Even on her bad days. Jessie will serve you anyway she can and never say a word about it. And you never feel anything but love from these people. Genuine goodness just oozes out of these girls!!! This was our Roommate Christmas Party!

My Ho's
Some of the best people on this planet! Melissa will do things for you before you even realize you even needed them done. Katrina has this contagious laugh that will make even the saddest of days brighter. Jess gives...simply because she can and is like a party in a can everywhere she goes! Erin is the kind of friend who you can always be yourself around. I have learned so much about genuine goodness from these girls. Lagoon Day!
The Fraidy's! John and Tina...their genuine goodness makes it so you can't help but adore these two! Melissa's 007 Birthday Party

Some of my Scout Boys! These are truly valiant men all with genuine goodness!
More of that genuine goodness! Me and some incredible people on Spring Break in California last year!

New York City over Thanksgiving! This was outside the homeless shelter we volunteered at on Thanksgiving Day. So much genuine goodness going on that day!

I know I've only scratched the surface of all the genuinely good people who I have in my life or who I have had as part of my life, but know that you people have been major examples to me. Thank you so much for your deep down, to the core, genuine goodness!


  1. Ohh so agree with all the people I know- they truly and genuinely are good! What a fun post!

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